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CATCHMOP Comprehensive Bundle (14pcs set)
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  • Outstanding Cleaning Ability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • A New Concept Cleaner
  • Can be used for dry and wet

A unique Korean
Patented Quality Products!

A New Concept Cleaner:
* Patented cut-loop grouped special fiber.
* A double structure of thousand strands of NP (Nylon and Polyester), splitting two-component conjugated fibers and into filament fibers.
* Can be used dry or wet.

Outstanding Cleaning Ability:
* A mesh that catches dust, rather than pushing it.
* Ability to capture fine dust between small cracks.
* Excellent water absorption power.

Environmentally Friendly:
* Stains can be cleaned without detergent.
* Easy cleaning under running water.
* Extremely durable.

Curved fiber structure with two special fibers
• Curved fiber structure with two special fibers Special Fiber Structure (Microfiber + Special Barb)
• Easy to catch dust (Catch dust in the gap)

Product Details:

Double-sided Multifunctional wipes (Dual-faced Pad):
• Deep into gap for general cleaning.
• Size: 14.5x18cm(±1cm) - 21.74g
• Material: Microfiber, Barbed Duo-Fect Fibre Surface: 85% Polyester
15% Polyamide, Super-Ball Surface: 80% Polyester20% Polyamide

Window & Glass Cloth (Shiny Surfaces):
• Cleaning without leaving streaks
• Size: 32x36cm(±1cm) - 67.56g
• Material: Microfiber, 73% Polyester
27% Polyamide

Furniture & Electronic (Dusting Mitt):
Clean the sofa, TV, furniture, and electronic product easily
• Size: 21x23cm(±1cm) - 38g
• Material: Microfiber, 85% Polyester
15% Polyamide

Kitchen Cleaning (Kitchen Pad): • Made easy by double-sided utilization
• Size: 15x18cm(±1cm) - 28.82g
• Material: Microfiber, 85% Polyester
15% Polyamide

Every Surface Gap In The Home (Multipurpose Sponge):
• Efficient cleaning of stubborn stains and crevices
• Size: 9x16cm(±1cm) - 33.43g
• Material: Microfiber, 85% Polyester
15% Polyamide

Efficient Scrub (Scrub Sponge):
• Great for tableware, cookware and glassware
• Size: 8.5x13.5cm(±1cm) - 18.4g
• Material: Microfiber: 85% Polyester
15% Polyamide, Sponge: 100% Polyurethane

Fits Mop Pad or Multipurpose Cloth (Telescoping Mop):
• Adjustable handle, durable fixing clips
• Size: 35x11x86cm - 634g *86-142cm adjustable length range
• Material: Aluminium, ABS, PP Plastic, 85% Polyester
15% Polyamide

Hardwood, Marble & Tile Floors (Mop Pad):
• Convenient Stick-Attachable Catchmop
• Size: 38.5x15cm(±1cm) - 43g
• Material: Microfiber 85% Polyester
15% Polyamide

Multipurpose & Floors (Multipurpose Cloth):
• Attached to telescoping mop or hand held for multiple purposes
• Size: 37x25cm(±1cm) - 44.45g
• Material: Microfiber, 85% Polyester
15% Polyamide

For Cleaning Cloths (Silicone Brush):
• Great for cleaning cloths and rubbing mop pad
• Size: 12x7cm(±1cm) - 83.78g
• Material: 100% Silicone

Precautions Before Use:
* Shake to remove any dirt before washing.
* Hand wash with clean water below 40°C.
* Rinse Catchmop under running water after use and keep in dry condition.
* Do not use bleach or fabric softener, to avoid discoloration.
* Do not wash or boil Catchmop.
* Keep away from flammable materials, including irons and stoves.

Product Details:
* Product name: Dual-faced Pad x2pcs, Window & Glass Cloth x1, Dusting Mitt x1, Kitchen Pad x1, Multipurpose Sponge x1, Scrub Sponge x2pcs, Telescoping Mop x1, Mop Pad x2pcs, Multipurpose Cloth x2pcs, Silicone Brush x1
* Can be used for dry and wet - It is easy to clean, has excellent dust-holding power, and can pull out and remove small gaps or stubborn dust
* The place of production: Republic of Korea

We do not accept any return request if due to MANUFACTURER MINOR DEFECT. Please take note. Kindly purchase with your own confidence. Strictly for understanding buyer. Thank you!"

What's in the box

- Catchmop Dual-Faced Pad x2pcs 
- Catchmop Window & Glass Cloth x1pc 
- Catchmop Dusting Mitt x1pc 
- Catchmop Kitchen Pad x1pc 
- Catchmop Multipurpose Sponge x1pc 
- Catchmop Scrub Sponge x2pcs 
- Catchmop Telescoping Mop Premium 6P x1 set